About Nimród Kerek-Erdő organization

The most important information

The  Nimród Kerek-Erdő organization, which was founded in 1994 provides educational and information sharing activites.
Because of the changes in the economy and society, and also because of planting new forests, the number of the privet forest aera is increasing. These changes raise many questions for the forest owners and foresters, but also for those who love and want to protect the enviroment. We need to start a conversation, present and introduce the forest ecosystem, the forest, the wood and the usage of that, and also the forestry and game farming. 

Our biggest events

The organization organizes professional exhibits, presentations, meetings, camps and professional travel programs and also participates in similar event. The main purpose of these activities is that students and also grownups to notice the beauty of the forest, the woods, the nature; to feel the excitement and joy of exploring their enviroment and finding new, unknown elements; and to help experiencing the feeling of empathy, wonder, pity and love for nature.