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The World’s Oldest Trees
Date: 04. 10. 2017. 20:05
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Photographer’s Incredible 14-Year Quest to Document the World’s Oldest Trees

Date: 25. 11. 2016. 18:25
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Gemenc is a unique forest that is found between Szekszárd and Baja, in Hungary. This is the only remaining tidal area of the Danube in Hungary. The wood's fauna include stags, boars, storks, grey herons, gyrfalcons, meadow eagles, and kites. Various amphibians and reptiles can also be found. The stag population has worldwide fame, since its genetic stock is outstanding, and the stags' antlers are impressive. Due to the various watery habitats, many fish species are present.

Climate Action for Sustainable Development
Date: 25. 11. 2016. 18:20
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Morocco - The sixth Global Landscapes Forum in Marrakesh, Morocco, brought together stakeholders from diverse backgrounds to work together on planning climate action for sustainable development.