Nyomkereső board game

Dear Players!

We call you an adventorous journey, let’s explore together the animals world! Find out and explain it together to see who was ahead on the road of the traces left behind.

Before we start, let’s talk a little about where you can get to know most of the environment. Generally speaking, the transfer of knowledge in the field of education for the environment meet the abstract knowledge but that is not enough, personal experience is necessary too. The environment aleducationas a result of a kind of feeling. It should have developed a longside knowledg etolive together with the nature, but you should be familiar with it. You can do this only with textbooks, and learning, but more needs to look around us to understand the animals and plants life.

Youneedto go out intothenature and youneedtopersonallygettoknowtheforest. Wherewecandoitthebest? Of course, theforestschools and out inthenature. The goal is thatthestudentsdrawtheattentionthebeauties of nature, feelthejoy of discover andtheexcitement.

The Environmentaleducationactivitiesof society. The environmentalawareness of behavior, experience and developingthembasedonvaluejudgments.

The people has alwaysbeencurious. Wewantedtoknowhowtheworld is worksaroundus. This game is displaying theinscrutable of thenature. Aswemove, thisendlessroadshowsthateverything is interconnectedjustasinnaturetheflora and fauna aswell.
Aswe enter theforestevenifwecannotseetheanimals, buttheyarethere and watchingus.
Wealsoknowthattheanimalsaretherebuthow and whatwecanseethis? Whatarethesesigns?
For exampletheanimalfootprints and sounds, smellsbutalsotheanimalsmanifestationnutrition. Thesesignalscaninferusthe game species and age and gendertoo.

Wearegoingtodealwithjustthefootprint. The expertsformulateis follows: eachclue – footprints – is one of thefootprint, thefourfootprints is thetrace formula. The migration of wilddraws a lot of footprints, the sum of thesetracepictures is „csapa”. The beaten paththattheanimalsareoftenuses is the „váltó”.

Youcanread more informationabouttheseanimalsin here

This board game is great fun for the whole familyas wellas it help to teachtherules of compliance and detection of wildtrails in the forest.


Havefunon behalf for theassociation„NIMRÓD” Kerek-Erdő.



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I really liked it. Zsófia Tóth
Thank you! Zoltán Kovács